King Freud - Discography

Ward's Car (1999)
1) Down  (MP3 Download)
2) Mooseknuckle Shuffle
3) Laura
4) What the Hell Happened
5) Do You Know Her
6) All in my Head
7) You’ll Be There

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Reviews of Ward's Car:
“King Freud confirms my belief that there is this generation of music, coming from kids who spent a lot of time in their basement, playing Atari, and smoking out of cans with forkholes; who are now writing and creating some pretty stellar music". ....Jason Fladager (the Big Wu)   Read Full Review

Live Tracks
Here are a few tracks recorded live at King Freud shows.  The first, Walk With Me, was recorded live at the Big Wu Family Reunion in 2001. It was the first festival the band had ever played. DOWNLOAD
Walk With Me.mp3
Theory of Reletivety.mp3

Unreleased Studio Tracks
In between the recording of Ward's Car and the recording of the new cd awaiting release, King Freud recorded two tracks with Ryan's guitar tech Marit for a school project. Here are these two tracks:

Policy on the Freeway.mp3